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About Us

We create virtual construction sites so you can look back in time. Document your progress. Review rough construction with ease and confidence, reduce costly re-work and never cut walls blind again.

Get a full set of digital assets to reference and share with clients, grow your business and save money.

Roughing 360 is a proud Matterport Pro2 supplier.

How It Works


Make An Appointment

Choose a date after framing and mechanical inspections and before insulation.Prepare the job site so it is clean and free of obstructions.


Sit Back

We scan the space and process the data


 Reference or Share

You get a digital:

  • Vitual construction site
  • As-built floor plan
  • Doll house
  • High resolution photos of every corner of the space

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492 Curry Ave, Englewood, NJ 07631



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Get a Quote!

Email or call us. We'll quote based on the square footage of the house, including all areas you would like scanned. Let us know what dates you expect the house to be availible. The space must be clear of other people or any active work for the process to work